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Valentines Day – Past to Present

It is known worldwide, the 14th of February, as the day of romance. Love blossoms, gifts are given and it’s the perfect day to let your other half know just how much you adore them. It’s a day where more proposals happen than any other, and the perfect engagement ring is sort after. The history […]

Pawnbroking – The Right Solution For You?

Pawnbroking is an industry which has continued to grow in popularity over years, as it is a much more safe and reliable way of lending. Many jewellers offer a pawnbroking service and customers are finding this a great alternative to selling their goods for quick money. Pawnbroking is not unlike banking when it comes to […]

The Ruby and it’s Impostors

  Everyone recognises the Ruby and as one of the most popular gemstones across the globe, so you should. However, with a large number of stones coming onto the market which bear close resemblance to the Ruby, how do you identify one from the other? We will reveal the fraudsters from the real deals, and […]