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Sunshine Stone: A Guide To Fancy Yellow Diamonds

The niche market of coloured diamonds has been growing in popularity for some years now. The main of which, is the yellow diamond. Also know as canary diamonds, this breed of stone is a potentially stunning alternative to the classic white diamond. This blog will explore the realms of yellow diamonds which are classed as […]

Pearl Pleasure – Pick Your Perfect Piece

Pearls have dived in and out of fashion over the years, just like all different materials used in the creation of jewellery. So, knowing the ins and outs of what to buy, what to avoid, and what to look out for can be tricky. This blog is here to help unravel the underwater maze which […]

Cartier – How the French Jeweller Captured the World

From their humble beginnings in 1847, Cartier have grown into the now global brand, with stores all over the world and an intensely strong online presence. They have a rich family history and now offer a variety of collections and are worth over $6 billion in revenue. In the mid-19th Century, this French jeweller was […]