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Antique Gold Jewellery that tells stories from way back when! We’re a family-run shop, and we’re all about timeless style and real craftsmanship. Take a stroll with us through the ages as we explore Antique Gold Jewellery, giving you a peek into the class of days gone by.

Georgian Gold

Let’s kick off with the Georgian era. Picture this: intricate gold brooches and rings stealing the show. Nature-inspired designs take center stage, and it’s all about flaunting that regal elegance with a touch of gold.

Victorian Gold Rush

Fast forward to the Victorian era – the true gold rush of emotions and, you guessed it, jewellery. Lockets, bracelets, and earrings dripping in gold, adorned with pearls and diamonds. This is where the gold game gets serious, reflecting the opulence of Queen Victoria’s reign.

Edwardian Gold Grace

Enter the Edwardian era, where gold takes on a lighter, more delicate form. Filigree work and the graceful combination of gold and platinum make it clear – elegance doesn’t have to weigh a ton. It’s gold, but with a touch of finesse.

Art Deco’s Gold Geometry

Zoom into the 1920s with the Art Deco era. Now, it’s not just about gold; it’s about gold playing with geometry. Bold patterns, flashy colors, and geometric designs make bracelets and necklaces shine with a distinct, golden sophistication.

Mid-Century Gold Glam

Fast-track to the mid-20th century – the 40s, 50s, and 60s – where the gold game gets seriously glam. Think chunky gold bracelets and statement rings stealing the scene. Hollywood’s golden era is now part of your jewellery box.

Timeless Gold Treasures

Our journey winds down with unique pre-owned gold treasures from the latter half of the 20th century. Each piece has a story to tell, and the common thread? Gold. These timeless treasures are a fusion of history and modern flair, all wrapped in the warm glow of gold.

Enough history; let’s bring it to the present. Visit our Hatton Garden Shop, and let’s chat Antique Gold Jewellery. We’ve got pieces that capture the essence of each era, ready for you to make your own statement.

In the world of antique gold jewelry, it’s not just about accessories; it’s about timeless charm and cool design. Dive into our collection and grab a piece of the past that fits right into your now!

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