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A Brief History of Cufflinks: A great gift for Father’s Day

A brief history of cufflinks: A great gift for Father’s Day Picking a gift for Father’s Day can always be tricky. Do you go with classic mug? Perhaps a new wallet, or a fancy new shirt? Jewellery is a fabulous gift and your Dad is going to need some beautiful cufflinks to go with that […]

The Mesmerising Emeralds of May

The Mesmerising Emeralds of May: All you need to know about Emeralds   The birthstone of May is the majestic Emerald, a common gemstone, known for it’s beautiful and varying green colour. It is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the market, being considered one of the top four alongside sapphires, rubies and of […]

The Weird and Wonderful World of March’s Birthstone: Aquamarine

This month’s blog is going to focus on the beautifully blue gemstone aquamarine. The birthstone of March, this gemstone has an intriguing and interesting history with some fabulous folklore stories linked to it. An aquamarine gemstone is a beryl gemstone which is pale blue in colour. They are commonly found in Brazil however, have also […]