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Buying Sapphire Jewellery: A Crash Course

Buying Sapphire Jewellery: A Crash Course
If you’re thinking of buying sapphire jewellery, it’s important to at least know the basics of what you’re shopping for. While there’s tons of information available online about buying diamonds, there’s far less information about buying sapphires. And that’s exactly why we’ve developed this crash course in buying sapphire jewellery. Sapphires, along with rubies and emeralds, […]

Last Minute Christmas Gifts: Antique, Vintage & Designer Jewellery Starting at £650

Merry Christmas from Farringdons
Since our modest beginnings as a stall in The Heart of Hatton Jewellery Emporium, we’ve prided ourselves on helping our customers to choose the right piece of jewellery for the right person, at a reasonable price. Today, we offer one of London’s largest selections of antique and vintage jewellery as well as contemporary and pre-owned […]

Buying & Selling: An Introduction to Gold Jewellery

An Introduction to Gold
According to this recent Bloomberg article, 2016 is set to see the biggest rise in gold prices since 2010. With so many people talking about rising gold prices, you might have thought about selling some pieces of gold jewellery that you haven’t worn in years. Or maybe you’ve considered buying gold as an investment before the price goes any […]