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The Ruby and it’s Impostors

Ruby rings
  Everyone recognises the Ruby and as one of the most popular gemstones across the globe, so you should. However, with a large number of stones coming onto the market which bear close resemblance to the Ruby, how do you identify one from the other? We will reveal the fraudsters from the real deals, and […]

History of Engagement Ring Styles: Victorian Era through Today

history of engagement ring styles
  Steeped in tradition, a marriage proposal accompanied by the requisite ring is one of life’s most anticipated milestones. While some grooms-to-be have the good fortune of proposing with a family ring, for most, an engagement ring is likely to be one of the most significant purchases he’ll ever make. At the same time, an […]

Old cut diamonds vs round brilliants… what’s the difference?

old cut diamonds vs round brilliants
Anyone who has shopped for a diamond is probably familiar with the ‘4Cs‘. While many people focus on a combination of colour, clarity and carat weight, the fourth ‘C’, how a diamond is cut, is a widely undervalued yet crucial factor influencing a diamond’s beauty. Cut pertains to so much more than a diamond’s shape. […]