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Certified 7.50 Carat Ruby and Diamond Bracelet

18 Carat White Gold


This elegant and stunning bracelet features a total of 7.50 carat rubies, and 3.00 carat diamonds. There are 30 individual diamonds, featured in partners, before being spilt by a luscious red ruby. The rubies are natural, however there is evidence of heat treatment. There are 15 oval cut rubies, and all the stones are claw set in their collets. The backs are open, which allows light to reach every part of the diamonds, making them truly sparkle! It's a unique piece, which will suit any occasion.

Gemstone: Ruby
Carat Weight: 7.50 main
Stone Shape: Oval, Round Brilliant
Metal: 18ct White Gold
Age: Modern, Pre-owned

SKU: B61/Y73000F

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