Safety Chain

An extra small chain added to either side of the catch of a necklace chain or bracelet chain to give extra security.


A blue gemstone and variety of the mineral corundum. A sacred gemstone; Moses was supposedly given the Ten Commandments on a tablet of blue sapphire. Sapphire has since been known as a gemstone that symbolizes wisdom and truthfulness.  Sapphires from Kashmir are said to have unrivalled beauty, being a deep cobalt blue colour with a silky look. More recently sapphires have become more popular as an engagement stone following the engagement of Katherine Middleton to Prince William. Kate wears a 12 carat Ceylon sapphire as her engagement ring which was previously owned by Diana Princess of Wales. Read more


The section of the ring which fits round the finger. Also known as a band.


An element and metal with the symbol Ag. The name derives from the Greek meaning ‘grey’ or ‘shining’. Silver is a malleable metal which makes it ideal for use in jewellery.

Single Cut

Also known as an eight cut. Usually used on diamonds of melee size (usually under 0.20 carats), the diamond has either 17 or 18 facets.


The word spinel is derived from the Italian ‘spinello’ meaning ‘joint’ or ‘spina’ meaning ‘thorn’.  This it thought to be a reference to the rough shape of the stone – which in its perfect form is a sharp-edged octahedron. The gemstone is sometimes known as ‘Balas Ruby’ and is frequently confused with the gemstone ruby. Spinel is 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. Read more

Star Facet

Triangular shaped facets with edges on the table facet and which extend to a point toward the girdle.

Starlight or Star Set

A setting where a gem is set deep in surrounding metal, which has radiating star-like rays from the gem outwards. The setting can sometimes make a gemstone look bigger than it is in the setting.

Step Cut

A diamond cut which includes emerald and asscher cuts. They have angled four-sided facets that are cut below the table and run parallel to the girdle of the stone. Their corners are generally cut.


A matching set of earrings, necklace and bracelet, often known as Parure, first introduced in the 1700s.


The precision and balance of corresponding parts of a finished gem, graded from fair to excellent.


Used in reference to a gemstone when it has been made by chemical synthesis to imitate a natural substance (such as diamond). Unlike a simulant a synthetic gemstone has essentially the same chemical physical and optic properties as the natural. The value of synthetic stones is much lower than natural stones.