The part of a ring that sits on top of the finger and supports the bezel. The gallery is sometimes engraved, pierced or open sided with patterns.


A species of gemstones, traditionally known for being red. Red garnets adorned the necks of Egypt’s pharaohs and used in signet rings in ancient Rome but come in a variety of greens, yellows, browns and pink. Read more


When an item of jewellery has been dipped in gold, to created a thing layer on the surface.


The middle and widest part of a gemstone, forming the outer edge – separating the crown and the pavilion. The girdle can be polished or faceted. The girdle is often where grading laboratories engrave the report number on a diamond.


A chemical element with the symbol Au. Gold is a yellow, malleable metal which makes it perfect for use in jewellery making.


A person who creates gold articles, namely jewellery. The term is often used to describe a jeweller.


Widely known as a world-renowned and highly esteemed independent gemological laboratory, Gubelin has also been a Swiss jewellery and watch design house since the mid 1800s.